And this is why women who arent lesbians claiming the label ‘lesbian’ is harmful. We get women in love with men and in relationships with them calling themselves lesbians when they are not and perpetuating the idea that lesbians “havent met the right man” or will “end up with a man someday” or “secretly want men anyway”

"Calmer, fatter, pregnant", as she rhapsodizes about Washington Insiders and her hubby and his scent.

Christ, save me from women like this.

You’re marrying a man. You’re pregnant with a child the two of you fucked to conceive.

The fact that he looks like her first girlfriend doesn’t change a thing, and if she thinks he doesn’t talk about “his lesbian” to his buddies, she’s stupid or naive.

Women like this is why men think they can change me. “I’m a lesbian marrying a man”.

Fuck, I’d rather chew glass.

I’m sorry, but I’m gonna disagree pretty hard with this. As someone who, at the time identifying as male, was in a relationship with a lesbian, this is bullshit. We can accept that some people who identify as asexual have sex, and that a lot of gay men have slept with women (although this is the concept of where a “gold star gay” comes from, which is another kind of ridiculous altogether), but this policing of lesbians is fairly specific to lesbians. You can identify the way you feel - your attraction is NOT static and just because you’re primarily and almost exclusively attracted to women does NOT mean that you CANNOT one day find yourself attracted to a man. Bodies, brains, attractions - they’re very strange, and in all truth, we still don’t entirely understand how they work, but it’s not fair to police other people because they’re a slight exception to the rule. Sorry.

While it is true that you could take the viewpoint that it reinforces the myths, that’s not actually a very good argument, because the issue here is educating the people who believe in these, rather than trying to change everyone around you so that they fit a definition which makes it ~so easy~ for other people to understand.

I hate the double standard that means straight girls can sleep with girls and still be seen as straight and ‘just experimenting’, but if a lesbian sleeps with a man she invalidates her entire life and sexuality, gets her lesbian card revoked and is treated as some kind of traitor.

Also here’s a radical notion: bisexuals and pansexuals.

The internalised misogyny is strong in this post: you are literally saying that a woman’s sexual experiences with men ‘count’ more than those with women, since they apparently dictate her sexuality all by themselves.

if a lesbian falls in love with a man and marries him and is in love with him guess what, she’s not a lesbian. Lesbians are women exclusively attracted to women. This woman is not a lesbian. It’s not a double standard, words have meanings.






Yes, being in a female dominated field, I do know what it means to be marginalized. “





oh my fucking god

The really ugly part is they’ve actually done multiple sociological studies on this, and guess what the result is? Men in female-dominated fields aren’t marginalized at all; they get special treatment and are fast-tracked to the top, getting more credit for their work, faster promotions, and greater pay and benefits than their female colleagues.

Here’s one study. Here’s another. And another.

That’s pretty much what I expected (though sad). I’ll hold onto these if I come into contact with this guy again.


Riding bikes everywhere? Using recyclable diapers? Carpooling? We’ve been doing that in Eritrea for decades. Where’s our reward for saving the Earth? Why aren’t we plastered all over Time magazine? If we lived in the same disgusting, gluttonous fashion that Americans lived, this planet would no longer be able to sustain the human race. But yet, they blame the world’s environmental ills on “overpopulation” (code: poor brown people existing) and then usurp our lifestyle habits, trademark it as their own and pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum.

How convenient of such a narcissistic nation.

My uncle, upon learning about America’s “new Green Movement”. Obviously, he’s not impressed. (via eastafrodite)